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“If Only We’d Known” – Hindsight from Montessori Parents

Whether you’ve agonized over the potential fit of a Montessori education for your child, or are simply curious to learn how parents who have already made that leap feel after-the-fact, one thing remains sure; 20/20 hindsight is only helpful if it gets passed on to become another’s foresight. In that vein, Hudson Country Montessori School … [Read More...]

Redirection: Montessori and Temper Tantrums

Orginally published on NAMC Montessori Teacher's Training Blog   Toddlers Who are Not Yet Peaceful Toddlers and tantrums tend to go hand in hand, and it is important to remember that this phase will pass. A temper tantrum is usually a result of the child not being able to effectively express himself verbally, which leads to intense … [Read More...]

The Littlest Prince and Montessori

Much of the world is currently enamored with Prince George’s maiden voyage into preschool. Articles and opinion columns hail the choice of Montessori education for a future King as fitting and right. Logical points regarding the Montessori Method and the Littlest Prince’s emerging need to develop deep thinking skills, community activism, and the … [Read More...]

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